Vacation Accidents

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Every year, millions of people in the United States travel for vacation and business.  Although the odds of an accident during travel by airplane, cruise ship or train are very small compared with motor vehicle travel, several thousand passengers and crew are injured every year, and hundreds are killed, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.  Most serious transportation accident injuries and deaths are not caused by publicized crashes and mass disasters, but they are just as tragic for those involved and they routinely occur.

For more than 25 years, Susie Injijian has successfully represented victims of accidents of all types aboard airplanes and cruise ships.  She has recovered compensation for her clients in the most complex and challenging cases, gathering evidence for clients injured in remote locations while on vacation or during business travel, and making the legal arguments that establish liability and maximize her clients’ recovery.

Complex litigation requires high-level capability 
When injuries result from an accident on an aircraft or in an airport, or in connection with a cruise vacation, the responsible carriers have available to them a wide variety of means to limit their liability. The laws governing the liability of carriers by air and sea for such accidents are complex, and can result in case dismissal even in the most tragic accidents.  That is why, if you are injured in an aviation or cruise ship accident, it is essential that you find an attorney experienced in travel accident laws to protect your rights. Failure to act promptly may limit your legal options and even result in the loss of your right to seek a remedy.

Susie Injijian has focused much of her practice on travel accidents and the special issues they involve.  She has successfully navigated the obstacles to recovery faced by clients seeking compensation for injuries suffered in these types of cases.  She has the knowledge, does the necessary work, and brings in the resources required to protect her clients’ interests. I am appreciated by my clients and respected in the legal community for the quality of my work, and the results I obtain. I waste no time in assembling top expert consultants, obtaining and preserving documentary evidence, and interviewing witnesses to get to the root cause of the accident. I understand the complicated laws that apply, and the requirements for proving liability and securing optimal recovery for my clients’ damages.

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